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Happy Students - Testimonials from current and former students

"I've been learning guitar for just a short period of time - just over twenty weeks. ... I am an adult student learning guitar for the very first time and I find that Shane's teaching style is great. He is a flexible and understanding teacher (my sometimes insane work hours get in the way of practice more than I would like) and importantly a flexible one adapting to my particular speed of leaning and my particular musical interests. I am grateful to have found Shane and I have no hesitation in recommending Shane as a teacher. If you are interested in learning to play the guitar pick up the phone now and get in touch - you will not regret it." - Deb K-H (2009)

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"I live in Gisborne [New Zealand] and contacted Shane online. We have never met in real life. I approached Shane because I couldn't find a classically trained tutor in Gisborne so webcam lessons are really my only option if I want to learn classical guitar.

As a working wife and mother with 2 children under 7yrs, I find the online lessons work really well! I can easily fit the 30 mins around the children and given that I don't have to leave the house, I don't have to worry about finding a baby sitter (if husband isn't home). I also don't need to worry about travel time - brilliant!! I'm not stressed because I've been dashing across town or stuck in traffic or I forgot something at home! 

As for the technology - it works just fine. Admittedly, I have a reasonably fast computer (4Gb RAM) that comes equipped with its own microphone and camera (so I didn't even need to buy any extra equipment) and I would hate to try this without broadband. But it really is a breeze. I know for some people it may be a bit daunting but once you get used to it, it's really no different from being in the same room with someone. I can see if Shane is cringing at my playing or not! (Kidding - he never does). He can check out my finger work. I like the use of Google docs as I always forget what I'm supposed to be practicing and I can never lose the doc. Also having the video of the song I'm practising is immensely helpful and being able to access these tools from any computer in the world means that I could even travel and never miss a practise or lesson." - Ngarangi B (2010) 

"I’m one of Shane’s mature students. I’ve always had an interest in playing guitar but never got around to fulfilling that interest until I started taking lessons from Shane. Shane is an amazingly talented guitar player and he has turned out to be the greatest of teachers for someone like me. He has enormous patience and really knows how to teach the basics to a beginner while at the same time keeping me interested and motivated and getting me playing some really challenging and fun material right from the start. I’ve really made a good decision to start guitar lessons with Shane. I’ve come to love the instrument and I’ve acquired a new passion for music and guitar playing that is going to challenge and interest me for a long time to come." - Philip M (2009) 

"Shane is possibly the best guitarist I have ever heard- no jokes. And just so you know, I've come across a lot of guitarists, being involved in all sorts of music and ... studying Music Therapy with him at the New Zealand School of Music. Shane can play and teach any style- he taught me some songs I like as well as helping me learn different chords and voicings so that I could play from chord charts- a very useful skill to have! Oh and he's a nice guy too." - Ruth A (2007)  

 "Mr Shane Cammell was my guitar teacher in high school. I started to play when I was 9 but wanted to learn more of the technical side of playing, like tab, picking, and lead guitar. I found his teaching style laid back and friendly with heaps of wisdom. I still play the songs he taught me - S.T.P, JEWEL, and other great tunes. Not only is he a great teacher and friend but is an AMAZINGLY talented flamenco guitar wizz. If anyone would like to ask questions regarding Shane's skills as a guitar teacher, please don't hesitate to email me at tickle.tickle@hotmail.com, and I'll try my best to reply accordingly." - Jodie D (2007)  

"The best thing about learning guitar with Shane is that you get to choose what music you want to play. He has a huge selection of popular music he can teach. Once he didn't have the song I wanted to learn so I brought in a tape - he listened to it, figured out how to play it by ear then taught it to me. He's such a talented guy, both in his musical ability and in the way he teaches." - Victoria F (2007)  

"Shane is not only a true master of his craft but also able to transmit his brilliance to others with a patient and personable teaching style. You will never feel like a failure with Shane guiding you because he knows how to bring out the best in you. My music owes Shane a great deal for his encouragement and advice over the years and he is well worth the credit! Shane handles the guitar not just with skill but as naturally as if he was waving to someone or scratching his head. Anyone who learns from him will benefit greatly! " - Kerin G (2007)  

"I found Shane to be a very patient teacher who made an effort to teach in a style that suited me and my tastes. I always found him to be friendly and encouraging, even when I proved I was some what of a slow learner. I would thoroughly recommend Shane, he is an excellent guitarist and teacher." - Hunter H (2007)  

"Shane is a very professional but also a very laidback and a comfortable person to learn from. I learnt to play guitar from Shane when I had no knowledge of how to play. Shane was able to teach such diversity in different styles to allow me to find out what I really wanted to learn. I would rate very highly of Shane and fully recommend him to be your guitar teacher regardless of your background or confidence in guitar." - Joon P (2007)